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January 14th, 2006

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05:05 pm - Stuff
So... I don't have a clue what's up with these. Everything else on the computer seems to work just fine. Maybe I need to break down and upgrade. Bleh.

In other news...the Devil has his day, the Holocaust didn't happen, San Francisco is stranger than Nash Bridges led me to believe, Religion of Peace goes on vandalizing spree, Woman in Iran to be executed for defending herself and her niece from rapists, Vote fraud in Illinois: They paid people, now they're paying the people, John Bolton kicks Kofi in the beans, Child Protective Services too busy stealing kids with twisted ankles from their parents to stop a brutish murder, Iran battens the hatches, Tire slasher-Tire slasher going to jail talking that blame game, Kick this Ney cheat out of office, I LOLed, the party of compassion, how'd they get funding for that, and finally, remind me to listen to all of these.

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